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The Community Traders links with the Community

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As a division of the Hands group, we work alongside The Community Programme. The Community Programme is a free online platform set up for community programmes, charities and voluntary organisations to highlight and promote the services that they can offer.

Unfortunately with the dire state of our economy and with drastic cutbacks in funding and public spending this year, it is estimated that up to 25% of the UK’s charities and community programmes face being completely wiped of the map, leaving a large hole in an area for people who desperately need help and support that can be offered by these organisations.  

By working together with the community programme we recommend our trusted traders to them as they can expect an exceptional service and can also get great rates and exclusive discounts.

This is an area that our members feel strongly about as we approach increasingly difficult and testing times for business and charities across the country.

By doing this we create a sense of togetherness for our businesses and voluntary organisations.logo_communityprogramme.png

Click here to visit The Community Programme website.