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Finding a Good Business

Trusted Trader Woman.jpgOver the years there has been an ever increasing need to filter out the good businesses from the bad.

No one likes to feel that they have wasted or, even worse, been conned out of their money. Unfortunately, there are plenty of situations in which individuals acting in good faith can find that they have come off worse from a transaction. The Community Trader works closely with local trades and businesses and ensures that the best possible service is provided to you the consumer.

The Review System

The Community Trader has a review system set in place for all our members. This offers you the consumer the facility to leave reviews about the businesses and traders and comment on the service that you have had from them.

By doing this we get a good understanding of the trader and gives the trader a star rating.

We regularly check on our traders to ensure that we are recommending to you good, honest, reliable and law abiding “trusted traders”

This system has been put in place so we can improve the service provided by traders and so the consumer can be provided with a regulated and better service and get a better standard of service.


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